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When night time temperatures take a tumble,reach for a blanket to add an extra layer of cozy warmth to your bed. Blankets tend to go unseen and unsung. It’s your comforter or duvet that take top billing as the star of the bed, and your sheets that provide the caress of softness your skin craves, but it’s the blanket, tucked in between the two, that creates an extra pocket of air to keep you warm.

When it comes to buying a blanket, you might think there’s nothing to it – just choose the color you like in the right size  of your mattress and that suits your bed. Although choosing the right blanket is fairly straightforward, there’s a little more to it than that.

Your bed just isn’t complete with sheets alone. You will need blankets to make your bed truly cozy, but which ones are going to help you get the best night’s sleep? And which ones will suit your climate and fit into your budget?
when you’re searching for blankets, you want a product that will gently weigh you ( not your wallet ) down. One of the most common misconceptions people have about weighted blankets is that a high price automatically equals high quality.
The reality is that a high price point doesn’t always mean you will get high-quality product or in your case blanket.

Bed Blankets Categories

Men Bed Blankets 

Every guy deserves a crazy blanket to roll up in.

Have no shame in saying, bed blankets are great if that’s not manly, don’t care.

Being cold is stupid, and being stupid definitely isn’t manly either.

Woman Bed Blankets 

In bed blankets, you must believe Theyre just so warm! When you have a case of chills, your cure is always to snuggle up in a comfy bed blanket. Who needs to crank up the heater flip on the fake fire place? Definitely not you.

Kids Bed Blankets 

During the first few month of their life, your kid is going to be spending a lot of time sleeping. That”s why choosing the right bed blanket is so important – both for their comfort and security. Every family has different needs, but there are some common factors to keep in mind as you think about which bed blanket to buy.

Elderly Bed Blankets

On average, older adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night to stay healthy and well-rested.
if you’d like to sleep better, or you’re looking for a way to help your elderly parent or loved ones to get more restrotive sleep.

Electric Bed Blankets

Even on the coldest winter night, when the temperature is well below freezing and the wind is howling outside your window, you can be snuggle warm without the weight of multiple bed blankets just be adding one electric bed blanket to your bed.

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