Men Bed Blankets

Every guy deserves a crazy blanket to roll up in.

Have no shame in saying , blankets are great.if that’s not manly, don’t care. Being cold is stupid, and being stupid definitely isn’t manly either.

Do you work from home? In city that gets quite cold in the winter? And there is absolutely no reason to hear the whole house when it’s only occupied by you only,crunched up with your laptop?

Blankets are worth investing in a nice one that will last you fro decades, repel odors, dirt and others aspects of aging, and will never go out of style.

We asked men how they feel about owning a blankets and whether it’s normal for a guy to hold over a blanket or not. Here are the most remarkable stories about blankets from men.

“I’m 24 years old, and I still have my childhood blanket. What was once a pristine landscape of little bunnies building towers made of pastel-colored alphabet blocks is now a faded, torn pile of cotton. My well-traveled blankets was journeyed through collage, crossed borders during study abroad trips, and ridden along on road trips and moves to the west coast.”

“if you even call it a blanket anymore. Rather, it is piece of faded yellow waffle fabric, full of holes,lined in shredded satin. As a child,  I found comfort in rubbing the silky border of my blanket between my first two fingers. When i wore the edge off, my mother replaced it with new ribbon. This act of sacrilege was reversed after much screaming and persuasion on my part to restore the trim to it’s original state. My blanket has not been altered since. In charge of nightly monster warding when i was little ,my blanket has long since retired to serve simply as a cover over my eyes and ears while I sleep. it’s duty could be easily performed by any t-shirt, but I absolutely prefer my teetered blanket. it has pleasing texture, a nice weight and the perfect amount of childhood magic.”

“There is whole Generation of us out there with sane blanket I think! Lol Mine is the thermal (waffle)fabric, silk edges that are long gone, sage green. I’m almost 25 and i’m hoping it will last forever even though it has holes all over the place. My Granny bought it for me when i was born and my Mom asked for a second one almost immediately when she saw how attached I was. She would swap them out when the one I was carrying at the time would get dirty because I hated being without it. Eventually I figured out that there were two of them and began carrying them BOTH around. This continued until 5th grade when iI had a sleepover with a friend. I got ketchup on one of my blankets and her parents took it to the laundry room to be washed. Somehow it got lift there by mistake….I think it involved an argument with my friend. When I realized it wasn’t in my bag that evening at bedtime we called over to ask her parents about it….. turn out my “friend” was mad and threw it in the trash that had already been pick up”

You’re never to old to own a blanket nor effeminate  

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